About Me

 Hey there. I'm James.

Welcome to my website.

I think movement teachers are amazing. Generally teaching is not the most glamorous, jet setting, high paid gig - yet millions of people around the world consciously choose to teach for one main reason - they want to improve peoples lives.

I love working with these teachers - and with people who love to move - to expand their vocabulary around movement and expression.

Below you’ll find different ways this is done; videos, social media, a spoken word or two… and some time soon a podcast.

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James shows how a transformation from a normal to an amazing life is possible. It is inspiring to see where following your heart can take you. Great facilitator who manages to keep it down to earth.
- Charlotte
James teaches you such complex and dynamic topics in easy to understand, exciting and digestible chunks. I think I could learn anything from him.
– Samm
James has an authentic and palpable passion and energy for his position as a leader. He embodies what it means to be a gracious and effective leader.
– Ness

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