About James

I struggled with understanding purpose. What I was here to do. What my part in this cosmic soup was. To the point that I had jealously, and inferiority issues around people who had that one thing, that clear passion, that left me feeling rudderless. 

Fast forward a number of years and teaching and guiding people to their purpose, is a big part of what I do on our 300 hour trainings. 
What became clear for me later was that I was asking all the wrong questions; ‘what is my purpose’, ‘what is my one main passion’, ‘what do I want to be when I grow up!’ instead of asking, what is it that lights me up. What specific moments from my life, can I look back and say ‘that, that’s it, that feeling that moment, that’s when I feel most energetically full’. 

And for me, those moments come from teaching. From being in the very moment of working with someones physicality, or expression of themselves, of not having a script, yet creating a moment of knowing for a group of people that enhances their life in someone. To understand something they didn’t before, to see or feel something in their body - to upgrade their already existing awesome. 

When it became clear that for now, I’m here to teach, specifically teachers, movement and expression suddenly the thousands of hours in training and practices of many different varieties and styles made sense. They came together, cross-pollinated in such a way that I can now facilitate and be an agent of change for thousands of people through classes, workshops and trainings. 

I have endless gratitude for my teachers and trainings; Politics, Philosophy, Economics Honours Degree (PPEhons), Myofascial Movement Diploma through Art Of Motion, 200 & 300 Hour YTT’s with Radiantly Alive, 200hr immersion in Tripsichore Yoga, Budokon Mobility and Yoga training, Landmark Education, multiple Tony Robbins Events, intensives in the realm of Sexual Yoga with David Deida, Chris Sunyata, Eli Buren, private coaching in Voice and expression with Linda Brice, and Mobility & Locomotion with Ido trained Anders Wiberg… the list goes on. An eternal debt for the generosity of my teachers, and the ability to give back, to light the fires that were lit in me. 

Which is what I do now. Based in Bali, though teaching around the world, I teach classes, workshops, 200 & 300hr YTT’s in movement and expression. I love Bali, coconut’s and being able to wear flip flops on a daily basis, and hope to meet you soon.