Free Your Flow


Come explore a new world of movement.

Drawing from mobility work and animal locomotion, this workshop will help you rediscover the magic of moving in nonlinear ways. Join to unlock the potential of your spine, deepen your flexibility, enhance your hand-eye coordination and drop into the joy of moving.

A taste of what we’ll cover

How to free your spine with Spinal Waves

Strength and flexibility with Animal Locomotion and Floorwork

Coordination games to improve mobility

Hip mobility and range of motion exercises

How to bring these systems into a daily practice

Join this workshop to explore fun, non-linear, mobility enhancing movements

Location:          Radiantly Alive, Ubud

Price:               $40 USD

Next Dates:      24th November, 9am - 12:30pm

“I’ve been teaching health and movement for 15 years. Despite all this experience, James shattered and reformed some of my outdated belief systems and delivered a truly holistic view of movement. After finishing his workshop my body felt so alive and my mind opened to a new perspective!”
— Kimmana Nichols Naturopath and Ayurveda Teacher